Saturday, November 27, 2010


We cannot forgive trees, for they did good to us.
In their silence ,we received,
and so shall we kill. till all the leaves bleed.

when we don't even spare them. Why talk about human ?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The road sings no more to me

Those songs in your shoes.

The road sings no more to me,

Of those strangers
who never returned to the
houses of cards they built,
Of those shepherds
who wanted to steal away
those lost sheeps 
disguised as  clouds 
in  skies.

Laughs that traveled from
a  child to a man,
cries that distanced a father
from a soldier in war,
shelters in rain from leaves
with holes,
pebbles racing away  with

Those songs in your shoes 

The road now cries out to me.

of those shoes
that i walked with
that were never mine,
of those naked feet
that searches for colors
when the pallet is 
snatched away.

 feathers that flow higher
 like dreams that never have a home,
ruins that remained behind
 when castles turned to dust ,

The road now cries out to me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tonight i will turn

Tonight i will turn into a dream,
And i will sleep, as the blanket of night covers,
Wake up with wings made up of the morning sun-rays,
And fly away ,travel across the hills,
And leave this world where you need coins to sing.
And I will be gone,
Like my dreams that left me alone.

- -
Friend, You wish me to leave, so Do I,
But I being a puppet, cant even run away.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We all fall to rise

 We all fall to rise, So will I.
Would never again knock on your door,
Beggar I am,i know, let me remain so.
Am just a mirror.
I don't need houses of glass that deceive,
and then break down to make you bleed.
I was on my knees and will always be,
but someday i will build my dreams,
that will set me free.

-Nisha, 20th October 2010

You are.

Broken you are.

And i see a child's toy.
 Black and white,
A soldier with a  breached leg,
Still he holds it close,
every night, he turns to sleep.

lost you are.

And i see a kite,
blue and red,
the string got detached,
Still the kite runner searches.
everyday he crosses that lane.

Damaged you are.

And i see a piece of cloth,
Black and grey,
Full of holes,
Still the poor woman covers herself,
every time the chilly cold bites.

Weak you are.

And i see a brown stick,
Broken from a tree,

Not strong like  steel,
Still the old beggar hold you
to walk down the busy streets.

Alone you are.

And i see a blue ocean,
Away from the world,
People come and leave,
Still it holds islands ,
and shelters a million drops in it.

And you say you are void,
but i find every color in you,
every scar,
so beautiful in you. 
You say damage people are dangerous.
And all i see is a beauty.
A beautiful artist.
hope your dream comes true.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They never came.

You sold all your life to buy them flowers,walked over thorns to pluck roses,
But with time those petals faded,like the name you gave.

Yet they never came, Not even to put flowers on your grave

Friday, October 1, 2010

The vessel.

The water won't spill over the vessel tonight.
The vessel that always sheltered water,now sleeps as broken pieces in it. 

That which cannot hold seas,you build oceans on it, 

Everything has a limit,even the sky has a boundary no one sees/can see,
That which was made up of brass and sword,
USE it, But when you treat it with mockery,it turns to mud,
and breaks like the sun drowns in the evening sea.

Monday, September 27, 2010

we the people

A girl scantily dressed,chased after three people who gang raped her,
and there was an entire group of people being spectators.
no one helped her to nab them.

that's what
we the people are.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

And we watched.

23rd September 2010
And we watched.

The sky turns orange now,
And am still trying,
to hold the sun,
the day got lost
the moment it began,
but am left with your stars.

  the way , we watched the clouds play?
between the roads,
besides the green grasses,
watching the sun,
taking photographs we
never had.

Orange and green,
the color of nature,
Blue and white
the color of you,
And i thought i was colorblind,
even before i met you,
you bought me something,
that the colors never told.

Faces made from mud,
idols of God ,
But for me it wil always
remind me of a today,
that a tommorow wont settle,
you bought me something,
he never sold.

you ask me not to wait,
But everytime you cross
that old lane,
you search for me.

And So do I.
May be I am like waves,
for ages that has never slept.
turning back ,
to the shore once in a while,
seeking for,
old footsteps that never devolve,
and breaking down,
even before the dream could began.

i wait, for that one second
like a leaf that still clings,
though autumn left,
for meteors, or falling stars
which wont return after years.

you ask me not to wait,
But everytime you cross
that old lane,
you will search for me.

And I will always wait,
for never should a moment come,
when you seek for me,
and am lost.
The sky turns orange now,
And am still trying
to hold the sun,
the day got lost
the moment it began,
but am left with your stars.

And we watched.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It does rains.

It does rains, but i wish you never fall ,
run like water through stones, and end in the ocean, to begin.
Away from the dirty soil, that got washed away.

Unable to give, what you want,
But am on my knees before the milky way,
to grant you your stars.

Warmest wishes.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

That 's how i remember you,

There you are,
Like a silent door,
As if six seas with kingdomas and castles
were hidden inside a shell,
that slept inside your eyes
that could never speak
but write a story.

That 's how i remember you,
In some corner of my head.

There you are,
like a void song.
As if the words got washed away 
in rain, only tune remained.
that tune of a piper,
which could melt oceans,
and turn them into a drop.

That 's how i remeber you,
In some corner of my head.

there you are,
like a monocrome paper,
As if the tear that you cried once,
Runs like a river from a hill,
turns to a flood inside me,
drowining me everytime
i think about such times.

thats how i remember you
in some corner of my head.

There you are,
Like an old friend,
As if the corners were never formed,
But you remained,
in parts of me that i never saw,
In closed doors that opened,
at times,
to heal me when i broke,
Make me a whole again.

Thats how i remeber you,
In parts inside of me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

street song

Held them close,like petals of a flower
But they laughed on my dirt,
Left them away,like petals in air
they fly away forever.

When the tree got hurt 
and blamed the leaves,
they withered and left home,
ran through streets,
collapsed through strangers
who never took them home,
and at the end, turned  to dust
to end up near the roots,
For they always held love.

with changed names,
and broken shadows
I was running like those leaves
on streets,
Was searching for the petals,
with a flower incomplete,
And then came you.

From years, I have known,
But it was that night
when i saw the face beneath the veil.

The words ,half said.
Like a song unfinished.
Could i turn to the parting of you lips,
and steal the music 
time forgot to hear?

The secrets,left untouched
Like a sculpture  half done,
Could i turn to your dupatta 
where your tears slept?

that night, when i held your hand in mine
traveled through clouds that shined,
In darkness i gazed on the ring on your finger
that sang me a song of silver.

I still hold that song , as i lay on streets
It keeps me awake, or sleep forever
Tonight i try to scribble through the dust 
on windows,
If love is words,
you are a letter,
what shall i write to you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


  When you treat us like seasons,the longer we stay, the more you hate.As winter's breath bites, you pray for sun and curse it again calling for rain,and the cycle goes on. when its near, you hate. when far, you cry.For your sake, the seasons leave away. we leave away. she leaves away.

~ "Friendship" (Love. Hatred. Any em...otion.)

Monday, August 9, 2010


When the two eyes turn against one another,
Can you see the world still the same?

When Brutus called him a serpent's egg,
Murdered him, who was once a comrade  
Can the history be ever changed?  

Yes, It was love for the Rome,
But the last words "Et tu, Brute?".
 Can they be taken away?

The stabs never killed him, but a broken heart, ripped apart by betrayal .
"then fall Ceaser.."
Can that love be ever again gained?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The night seems long to you,
but am waiting here, since dawn,
I have chanied myself to these roads,
Hoping to see the sky in that same color.
When we drove through streets,
never knowing the end 
or the path we began?

Like feathers, we ranged
through the music of the wind.
Like leaves , we swam
Through rivers, and rain .

And the sky turned to  purple papers,
we built up our houses,on boats and planes,
painted the walls with pied fingers,
travelled in a metre,
years of summers and winters.

I was like silence, like drops
a million in an ocean, still alone.
And you came like words, like water
that could pass through walls,
holes and cracks.
when you crawled through my door,
that the world passed by,
but no one saw it before?

Like bricks, I was 
bordered in a wall, but abandoned.
Like song, you were
Beautiful in words, yet silent.

And the sky never again turned to purple papers,
but remained as broken strings and secrets
upon your lips, that could never sing,
a  song of harvest, 
or of those houses in spring,
or of those streets where I am still waiting ,
hoping may be its you, everytime it rains.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As you leave.

As you leave.

Stairs, we take.
hoping the floors never end,
we never speak,
like the divided leaves, 
that never makes a noise in the wind,
as they broke apart.

Routes, we change.
The one we take isn't  that long,
nothing seems to be,
I walk slow , slower than 
the footsteps of shadows
and silence, that follows yours,
Everything runs in circles,
but this path doesnt. 

buildings, we see.
Where once i began,
Held your hand and
walked through a home of sand,
Chairs and shapes,
Like games of children,
they never change.
And you are still the same.

And I am the falling stone,
trying to win over gravity,
Like that salt which fights
against the sea.

As you leave, 
and this time passes ,
I try to make the hands 
of the clock meet,
and keep them near
 for more than 
a minute. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I generally take a lot of quick snaps of the sky and the trees, whenever am outside.
Maybe cause , I see a life in them. The only living things around.
Unlike the rush of busy streets and people walking around.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's getting darker now.

It's getting darker now.
A night, that slumbers inside my empty pockets,
And the sun still hides inside your eyes.

No one cares for a morning tonight.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The days that went by

The days that went by
when the wind was dead,
And i walked with people 
outside my door,
 the scattered drops on the glass ,
with my fingers
i drew your face
and made something
which you never were. 

Artists make mistakes,
But I wrote a poetry of seven and half lies
And now am ,
Sleeping with a wet letter
All your names and my sign,
unread, untouched truths inside,

May be ,
you will open it after ages,
that which was a mistake once
will end up as a sin of present.

the days that are to come,
I still feel the wind is dead,
But you are walking with me,
with open doors,
giving me a shelter from rain,
when I never shared a sun,
 the scattered drops on the glass ,
with your fingers
you draw my face
and turn the water into a me
which i never can be. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

turn to dust.

color me black,
 like those 
secrets, which sleeps
 as weeds
 on lips  
of that woman.
     she  walked for ages,
      with a piece of wood,
       searching for a broken cradle,
    And there she stands
       in-between upside down pots
    and wet grasses ,
  to wrap her son's clay. 

        color me yellow,
        like those  
     sun-rays, which settles
        as fires,
      on dreams
       of that man.

    He walked by shores,
    across sands and stones,
   Like a poetry in a beggar's sleep
     Stealing away two orphaned stars,
    And there he stands
 in-between upside down pots
     and the jealous night,
     to wrap his last sleep.

color me concurrently,
  all those
  shades, which snitches,
    as reflections,
 of a rainbow
  in drops.

   we are nothing but
   those drops that run through leaves,
 we stand in a row on the edge,
     and pretend to fall
   a million times,
      while it slowly breezes ,
   before we truly meet the ground
   and turn to dust. 

  In-between upside down pots
and wet grasses.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walk besides me.

sometimes am lonely and lost,
but am not alone.
the red trees walk/will walk besides me
 all the way ,
 till am gone.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You will return.

I watch you from the otherside,
No one shows you a land tonight.
Winter is no where near,
But you will wait no more,
you will fold your hands,
and make wings,
like a migratory bird
you will return back home,
even before the morning shines.

Dont listen to them.
people, they say,
 to sell.
You , you can mould a song.
Sing it,
you can sing it for me.
You, you can tell me again
cry it,
i will listen with silence,
till the night is gone. 

Just like my yesterdays
the tommorows will be red.
May be i will walk again,
from that path I left,
or that i began.
May be i will sing again
that sad song of heaven
or that of hell.
Left or right, past or present,
I know nothing about me
neither the four walls i see.

But i know when summer comes
you will be home again.
And i will dream of you,
the way you  look through your window pane,
waiting for the rain.

I watch you from the otherside,
No one shows you a land tonight.
I cant read the road signs,
Nor see the lights ,
But i know you break and bend, 
and will stand again,
Like circles it will  return,
like a string less kite you will fly

And return back home,
even before, the morning shines.

Monday, June 7, 2010


And to hear again and again,
as you say, a stone is good for nothing,
can create a mountain too high,
And if ever, there were diamonds,
or a tiny heart,
...It could be never gained,
like time getting buried under sinking sand.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

behind that door.

she lives behind that door.
left all alone,
like that water on shore,
when the waves return.

she could sing to you,
of histories buried under stone,
of seas that turned to sand,
that sand which someone held,
and kept near for ages,
But as the hour glass broke,
it slipped to cover her
from bottom to head.

she could whisper to you
of a ship where an ocean sank,
of lost sailors that 
found a place where
the city never saw a land;
strangers built houses,
from deck of cards,
black and red.

like that hole in a broken branch
left as smoke that was never white.
as the color of that stain on her lips,
left as footsteps
of those strangers who built those
houses in every corner in her,
she gave.

she lives behind that door.
left all alone,
she could have answered
But no one knocks her any more.