Sunday, August 15, 2010

street song

Held them close,like petals of a flower
But they laughed on my dirt,
Left them away,like petals in air
they fly away forever.

When the tree got hurt 
and blamed the leaves,
they withered and left home,
ran through streets,
collapsed through strangers
who never took them home,
and at the end, turned  to dust
to end up near the roots,
For they always held love.

with changed names,
and broken shadows
I was running like those leaves
on streets,
Was searching for the petals,
with a flower incomplete,
And then came you.

From years, I have known,
But it was that night
when i saw the face beneath the veil.

The words ,half said.
Like a song unfinished.
Could i turn to the parting of you lips,
and steal the music 
time forgot to hear?

The secrets,left untouched
Like a sculpture  half done,
Could i turn to your dupatta 
where your tears slept?

that night, when i held your hand in mine
traveled through clouds that shined,
In darkness i gazed on the ring on your finger
that sang me a song of silver.

I still hold that song , as i lay on streets
It keeps me awake, or sleep forever
Tonight i try to scribble through the dust 
on windows,
If love is words,
you are a letter,
what shall i write to you?


  1. . a million verses i hope is the right answer ... your words are immensely intense and intensely ravishing ... may petals immerse your poetic journey ... and when you emerge ... may you find more words in your treasure ... rooting for love ... rooted to love ... :) ...

    - serah

  2. these are all random words. wasnot able to edit them, or make something more beautiful.

    Btw, do you understand what a dupatta is?

    thankyou :] for the time, and words.

  3. . well, your random words are exquisite poetry for me ... i always here musical notes when i read you ... so you're very welcome ... and it's hard for me to believe that there'd be a need for you to make your words more beautiful ... and i do know what a dupatta is ... (my registered name hee hee :) is geetanjali jha) ... in bihar where my parents are from ... it's called an odhni ... in punjab where i was born it's called a chunni ... in assam where i spent my childhood ... it's called sador ... :) ...

    - serah

  4. omg you are an Indian then. cool./

    what do you do? as in education/job wise.

    and i never knew Sador., :} thankyou for that.