Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As you leave.

As you leave.

Stairs, we take.
hoping the floors never end,
we never speak,
like the divided leaves, 
that never makes a noise in the wind,
as they broke apart.

Routes, we change.
The one we take isn't  that long,
nothing seems to be,
I walk slow , slower than 
the footsteps of shadows
and silence, that follows yours,
Everything runs in circles,
but this path doesnt. 

buildings, we see.
Where once i began,
Held your hand and
walked through a home of sand,
Chairs and shapes,
Like games of children,
they never change.
And you are still the same.

And I am the falling stone,
trying to win over gravity,
Like that salt which fights
against the sea.

As you leave, 
and this time passes ,
I try to make the hands 
of the clock meet,
and keep them near
 for more than 
a minute. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I generally take a lot of quick snaps of the sky and the trees, whenever am outside.
Maybe cause , I see a life in them. The only living things around.
Unlike the rush of busy streets and people walking around.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's getting darker now.

It's getting darker now.
A night, that slumbers inside my empty pockets,
And the sun still hides inside your eyes.

No one cares for a morning tonight.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The days that went by

The days that went by
when the wind was dead,
And i walked with people 
outside my door,
 the scattered drops on the glass ,
with my fingers
i drew your face
and made something
which you never were. 

Artists make mistakes,
But I wrote a poetry of seven and half lies
And now am ,
Sleeping with a wet letter
All your names and my sign,
unread, untouched truths inside,

May be ,
you will open it after ages,
that which was a mistake once
will end up as a sin of present.

the days that are to come,
I still feel the wind is dead,
But you are walking with me,
with open doors,
giving me a shelter from rain,
when I never shared a sun,
 the scattered drops on the glass ,
with your fingers
you draw my face
and turn the water into a me
which i never can be.