Thursday, March 11, 2010

In her hands

In her hands lies a she.

when the spells are broken
there are pieces of ice
breaking away bricks of walls,
hiding away
from the mirror of her eyes 

Afraid of growing,
buried in white sand
waiting for the sea
where the sun sank


when the strings are broken,
there's a silent song
where echoes sleep,
As the vessel of clay broke,
there were glasses around,

Ages and voids,
Gaps and cracks
Still through them
they could never pass.
And then she held those pieces,

till the sun could melt,
and water wins over ice,
And through needle's eye
she makes them walk/flow
those pieces which were
afraid to even stand.

In her hands lies a she.

for Nebadita. 


like circles we  remain ,
with summers in  shoes,
I tasted the colors of pain,
the autumn in your eyes
made the leaves afraid of rain.

Like sand clung to the sea
with waves and ripples we whirl
we bend and break 
we spin and  twist
till the lost pearls were found
and shattered again.

like the pictures in frame
broken pieces of glasses
in your hand ,
to make me free you bleed
and now that i can run
i wish to just walk again,
with you besides me.


you gave me a tree,
when i needed a leaf.
But what about
the holes
that brought the
sun-rays in?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's strange.
That once in a blue moon you feel like calling,
That day turns to be my birthday ,which you don't even remember.
It happened last year, and it happens again.

No the bday doesnt matters,
the strange coincidence surprises me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Growing up

Standing in a crowd, watching my brother lost in another crowd, searching for his room to  board exams.

Or being surprised to accidentally know of a small love story that has already begun.

 Or learn some of the wisest words that were never shared,
 Yet not tell him, i know.

But trying to figure out.
As when did my small brother grew up into a man?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was desperately missing you,
and crying out your name,
with that gift held close to me
all night.
may be that's why you fainted.
I wanted you near.