Sunday, August 15, 2010

street song

Held them close,like petals of a flower
But they laughed on my dirt,
Left them away,like petals in air
they fly away forever.

When the tree got hurt 
and blamed the leaves,
they withered and left home,
ran through streets,
collapsed through strangers
who never took them home,
and at the end, turned  to dust
to end up near the roots,
For they always held love.

with changed names,
and broken shadows
I was running like those leaves
on streets,
Was searching for the petals,
with a flower incomplete,
And then came you.

From years, I have known,
But it was that night
when i saw the face beneath the veil.

The words ,half said.
Like a song unfinished.
Could i turn to the parting of you lips,
and steal the music 
time forgot to hear?

The secrets,left untouched
Like a sculpture  half done,
Could i turn to your dupatta 
where your tears slept?

that night, when i held your hand in mine
traveled through clouds that shined,
In darkness i gazed on the ring on your finger
that sang me a song of silver.

I still hold that song , as i lay on streets
It keeps me awake, or sleep forever
Tonight i try to scribble through the dust 
on windows,
If love is words,
you are a letter,
what shall i write to you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


  When you treat us like seasons,the longer we stay, the more you hate.As winter's breath bites, you pray for sun and curse it again calling for rain,and the cycle goes on. when its near, you hate. when far, you cry.For your sake, the seasons leave away. we leave away. she leaves away.

~ "Friendship" (Love. Hatred. Any em...otion.)

Monday, August 9, 2010


When the two eyes turn against one another,
Can you see the world still the same?

When Brutus called him a serpent's egg,
Murdered him, who was once a comrade  
Can the history be ever changed?  

Yes, It was love for the Rome,
But the last words "Et tu, Brute?".
 Can they be taken away?

The stabs never killed him, but a broken heart, ripped apart by betrayal .
"then fall Ceaser.."
Can that love be ever again gained?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The night seems long to you,
but am waiting here, since dawn,
I have chanied myself to these roads,
Hoping to see the sky in that same color.
When we drove through streets,
never knowing the end 
or the path we began?

Like feathers, we ranged
through the music of the wind.
Like leaves , we swam
Through rivers, and rain .

And the sky turned to  purple papers,
we built up our houses,on boats and planes,
painted the walls with pied fingers,
travelled in a metre,
years of summers and winters.

I was like silence, like drops
a million in an ocean, still alone.
And you came like words, like water
that could pass through walls,
holes and cracks.
when you crawled through my door,
that the world passed by,
but no one saw it before?

Like bricks, I was 
bordered in a wall, but abandoned.
Like song, you were
Beautiful in words, yet silent.

And the sky never again turned to purple papers,
but remained as broken strings and secrets
upon your lips, that could never sing,
a  song of harvest, 
or of those houses in spring,
or of those streets where I am still waiting ,
hoping may be its you, everytime it rains.