Sunday, August 8, 2010


The night seems long to you,
but am waiting here, since dawn,
I have chanied myself to these roads,
Hoping to see the sky in that same color.
When we drove through streets,
never knowing the end 
or the path we began?

Like feathers, we ranged
through the music of the wind.
Like leaves , we swam
Through rivers, and rain .

And the sky turned to  purple papers,
we built up our houses,on boats and planes,
painted the walls with pied fingers,
travelled in a metre,
years of summers and winters.

I was like silence, like drops
a million in an ocean, still alone.
And you came like words, like water
that could pass through walls,
holes and cracks.
when you crawled through my door,
that the world passed by,
but no one saw it before?

Like bricks, I was 
bordered in a wall, but abandoned.
Like song, you were
Beautiful in words, yet silent.

And the sky never again turned to purple papers,
but remained as broken strings and secrets
upon your lips, that could never sing,
a  song of harvest, 
or of those houses in spring,
or of those streets where I am still waiting ,
hoping may be its you, everytime it rains.


  1. . ah! ... that stings ... seasons change ... the weather withers ... your silence sculpts symphonies ... it's only when the past hinges on frail disbelief ... that nights seem darker than they are ... people love rainbows because rainbows love people ... you write amazing ...

    - serah

  2. . you're very welcome ... :) ...

    - s