Tuesday, July 17, 2012


there is this place. there's nothing great yet ..l. It used to have green fields and a flock of birds always used to visit. peaceful. Infact the perfect one, during nights, where everything is dark, and the airport lights shine to direct the plane, its as if the best time to express your love. the roads, the place, I get lost to be found again. Peace.i have been so many times..


this is the place, between two big fields.
not a special one,
no one stops here even for a second,
But i am here when i loose or gain myself.
Rocks,grasses and an empty road.

Its getting dark now,
look at the left,beyond the fields,
there is a play of lights,
basically its an airport, and the roads guide the plane landing,
but can you pretend that I decorated the roads,just to make this night
oddly special? While I confess.

This broken place,with stones, grasses and big
fields ant special like flowers, music or violins.
It shall never be a perfect memory?
But perhaps I want it this way.


when i will whisper you about
my imperfect love ,
It shall be the same,
something that
will never remain
as a perfect
special memory.
(for you)

(But will be oddly special for me,
like the rocks, grasses and fields)