Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Centred upon a souls disgrace
ccontuses closely clings her face
Sunburnt kisses upon her body
Seizes with teeth make it surly.

Barefaced, she lingers by a fence
awaiting her fall, the strangers gaze,
Holding sneaker’s whisper and talk
She moves on for her last walk.

Like the sky she cries out tonight
To those who revels the rain
Her tears submerge them all
Yet not a single one sees her pain.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Windows… Through the blue pane she gazes To see a trogon sinking down With flames of fire in her plumage As if, the sun killed its rainbow And the fireball snapped its crown.
Lamps… In a corner she sits and stares To see a moth chasing a dream Hoping to blend with that flame That straightaway burned her wings, And left the ashes as a sign of its sin.
Glasses… Some old wine and her bleeding lips Each freezing drib, Sip by sip she drinks every drop so cold, She holds at heart As it blends with the red wine, For blood loves blood, even if debased with lust.
Frames She slides her fingers on faces As if, they travelled through the glass And each stroke seduced the lines in her hand. Moving like water filling the bloody gaps, Mending a few cuts, it returned back, To make those sketches hazy, and break her sleep, Drop by drop, each silver bead fell from her eyes And left the water as bulks of ice……
She stands alone to see those Snakes syncing to all her rhythms, time paints her with different shades yet only one colour stays, and her life keeps pelting in acidic glasses for she is nothing now , but the sweet red wine that someday flowed under her skin………
sweet red wine~

Friday, August 8, 2008

I welcome you

I welcome you
I welcome you,
To the realm of my silence,
Look at the upright walls
Touch them with your cold hands,
Stone by stone,
Every clinker,
Is bricked up from your words
Ah! Watch the embrasures within
You have reared them too
Gap on gap
Every crack
Is fired with your fake paroles

I welcome you,
To the euphony of my soul,
Listen to the music
Carry it over to your core
chord by chord
Every key
Is played by your fibs
Do hear the songs in-between
You have crooned them too
Phrase by phrase
Every lyric
Is pitched by your perfidies

I welcome you again
To the tomb of my heart
Conceive its love
Feel the veiled romance
Beat by beat
Every pulse
Is fetching you its love
Oh!See those bolshy lines running down
You have indited them too
Valve upon valve
Every part
Is stabbed by your stalking scars

My love
as you walk inside me,
You can see at every site I bleed
Passels of pains are present in every drib,
For namesake this realm belongs to me
All splits are subbing sands of your memory,
Every corner is filled with love I still hold,
You are the real ruler of this demesne

My soul is full of holes,
Hazy circular circles
Still somehow I can dig the unscathed parts
To build a grave within me
I will Bury all my remains
Iwill forget all that pain
I will build my kingdom once again
For its not just love I hold for you
Its something more, something divine
That helps me to shrive all your sins
So my love, Just come near me,
I will hold you close to me So close that no one will ever be.

I know you will never come close to me
I know you will never return
To this manse of broken feels,
Still I will wait for you forever,
Although together forever is a dream
I know this life will pass on
and I will suffer more than you have done
still I will wait for you my love
I will wait till eternity
I will wait till eternity