Saturday, November 27, 2010


We cannot forgive trees, for they did good to us.
In their silence ,we received,
and so shall we kill. till all the leaves bleed.

when we don't even spare them. Why talk about human ?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The road sings no more to me

Those songs in your shoes.

The road sings no more to me,

Of those strangers
who never returned to the
houses of cards they built,
Of those shepherds
who wanted to steal away
those lost sheeps 
disguised as  clouds 
in  skies.

Laughs that traveled from
a  child to a man,
cries that distanced a father
from a soldier in war,
shelters in rain from leaves
with holes,
pebbles racing away  with

Those songs in your shoes 

The road now cries out to me.

of those shoes
that i walked with
that were never mine,
of those naked feet
that searches for colors
when the pallet is 
snatched away.

 feathers that flow higher
 like dreams that never have a home,
ruins that remained behind
 when castles turned to dust ,

The road now cries out to me.