Saturday, November 27, 2010


We cannot forgive trees, for they did good to us.
In their silence ,we received,
and so shall we kill. till all the leaves bleed.

when we don't even spare them. Why talk about human ?


  1. whats dis? Dont tell me u r a tree luvin hippie. I mean this judgemental condescending from atop the moral high horse is cool and all but , come on , bring back the poems with all the vague haunting imageries and all the deep profound crap

  2. hmm somtimes its just good not to go to complex stuffs, but look at a simpler fact around.

    its not a tree luving hippie, its a thing i see everyday, and that makes me think.

  3. here are reasons they shouldn't love trees, at least not in this case

    a Bad day again for the tree>>