Monday, October 25, 2010

Tonight i will turn

Tonight i will turn into a dream,
And i will sleep, as the blanket of night covers,
Wake up with wings made up of the morning sun-rays,
And fly away ,travel across the hills,
And leave this world where you need coins to sing.
And I will be gone,
Like my dreams that left me alone.

- -
Friend, You wish me to leave, so Do I,
But I being a puppet, cant even run away.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We all fall to rise

 We all fall to rise, So will I.
Would never again knock on your door,
Beggar I am,i know, let me remain so.
Am just a mirror.
I don't need houses of glass that deceive,
and then break down to make you bleed.
I was on my knees and will always be,
but someday i will build my dreams,
that will set me free.

-Nisha, 20th October 2010

You are.

Broken you are.

And i see a child's toy.
 Black and white,
A soldier with a  breached leg,
Still he holds it close,
every night, he turns to sleep.

lost you are.

And i see a kite,
blue and red,
the string got detached,
Still the kite runner searches.
everyday he crosses that lane.

Damaged you are.

And i see a piece of cloth,
Black and grey,
Full of holes,
Still the poor woman covers herself,
every time the chilly cold bites.

Weak you are.

And i see a brown stick,
Broken from a tree,

Not strong like  steel,
Still the old beggar hold you
to walk down the busy streets.

Alone you are.

And i see a blue ocean,
Away from the world,
People come and leave,
Still it holds islands ,
and shelters a million drops in it.

And you say you are void,
but i find every color in you,
every scar,
so beautiful in you. 
You say damage people are dangerous.
And all i see is a beauty.
A beautiful artist.
hope your dream comes true.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They never came.

You sold all your life to buy them flowers,walked over thorns to pluck roses,
But with time those petals faded,like the name you gave.

Yet they never came, Not even to put flowers on your grave

Friday, October 1, 2010

The vessel.

The water won't spill over the vessel tonight.
The vessel that always sheltered water,now sleeps as broken pieces in it. 

That which cannot hold seas,you build oceans on it, 

Everything has a limit,even the sky has a boundary no one sees/can see,
That which was made up of brass and sword,
USE it, But when you treat it with mockery,it turns to mud,
and breaks like the sun drowns in the evening sea.