Friday, October 1, 2010

The vessel.

The water won't spill over the vessel tonight.
The vessel that always sheltered water,now sleeps as broken pieces in it. 

That which cannot hold seas,you build oceans on it, 

Everything has a limit,even the sky has a boundary no one sees/can see,
That which was made up of brass and sword,
USE it, But when you treat it with mockery,it turns to mud,
and breaks like the sun drowns in the evening sea.


  1. thankyou.. and why do you compare?

    just a curiosity.?

  2. dont you think all of us are like a vessel? raised by time, filled by knowledge, hope, love, hate and other unavoidable human traits. we keep all of 'em within us until it overflows. doesn't matter if the pressure is from inside or outside which causes the steady drain of these traits.

  3. i was just gonna say we all are vessels.
    but not all break, actually they do,
    but nt all show.

  4. So true.. just like your above creation. I can relate myself with each and every word easily. :]

  5. Hmm actually i wrote it. Cos to break someone is the easiest thing to do, :} that too with love.

  6. partially true..
    Of course.. You can break someone with love.. (And yeah.. Most of the times 'Love' is much more powerful than Hate).. but its not always easy to break anyone.. Especially with Love. There are people with a Stone-Heart.

  7. stone heart?

    are already broken.

    do you need to break them?

  8. Hahahaha.. Yup.. Your right.. But believe me.. there are human beings who dont melt with emotions.
    Dont know if they are stupid or just false pretenders, but yes they exist. And there is always a person you know like 'em.

  9. I know there are. But sometimes some of them are so , cos they are broken.

    the general tendency, when the thorn hurts stay away from roses. so when once you break you no longer break.

    and the rest of those kinds, Good for them :}