Monday, October 25, 2010

Tonight i will turn

Tonight i will turn into a dream,
And i will sleep, as the blanket of night covers,
Wake up with wings made up of the morning sun-rays,
And fly away ,travel across the hills,
And leave this world where you need coins to sing.
And I will be gone,
Like my dreams that left me alone.

- -
Friend, You wish me to leave, so Do I,
But I being a puppet, cant even run away.


  1. As usual, reading ur stuff is like doing mental and emotional callisthenics . But , in the words of the immortal joker , " why so serious ? " . i mean i get the view dat the society we live in is crap, the world is an amoral , heartless and blank canvas without any purpose or meaning . But u know if the world fuks u , ftw . Just appreciate the huge cosmic joke , and see the funny side of it . Dont get depressed by it , just laugh at the utter senselessness of it.

  2. yup. its true.

    its just that, when you aren't laughing, you write. :]

    And i must be crazy coz the world doesn't make sense , hmm what makes sense?

    its good when things don't make sense actually. :]