Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We all fall to rise

 We all fall to rise, So will I.
Would never again knock on your door,
Beggar I am,i know, let me remain so.
Am just a mirror.
I don't need houses of glass that deceive,
and then break down to make you bleed.
I was on my knees and will always be,
but someday i will build my dreams,
that will set me free.

-Nisha, 20th October 2010


  1. wow! now thats some heavy shit . that right there's why i love reading ur blog. ur writings r so vague and obscure dat , it always forces me to pause in my tracks for a while, try to decipher some deep zen like meaning from it and think about life in perspective. its like a 5 min acid trip in tne midst of the chaos of daily life

  2. I would love to listen what you decipher.


    I will.

    Its the chaos of daily like in a small trip. :]


  3. And thankyou :}

    I wonder when will silver cast his shadow. :]

    and write in his blog/

  4. its not the shadow cast by silver . the meaning is more like a silvery shadow (whatever the hell that means) and maintaining a blog is just too much time consuming. And i think the kind of shit u write is probably interpreted by everyone in a different way . like some kind of rorschach test.every reader's interpretation is different from the next reader

  5. yeah that does mean that, I just wish to take it in the other manner.

    It is different, of course, that's the beauty and cruelty of words, to be honest yet secret.

    And i wish to know what you see.
    For every interpretation is itself a path.:}