Sunday, April 17, 2011

I have done the sin

Mother, I have done the sin,
I cant feel what they feel within.
Am an artist made of stone.
Blind, like the sun in the night,
walking on a road with holes.
I cant feel the colors.
That differs a skin from the other.
Noise, like a swarm of bees in the wind,
I cant hear the music.
In temples, and mosques,All appears to be the same.
words, like a woman born in the sea,
I cant listen to the song of the grass.
When mountains and stone share the same sky,
I cant see languages cry.
For I am just a stone.

An incorrect artist to the rights of the world.

[Courtesy= Gururaj Raghavendra
Sony salma Priyadarshin]

Papers cannot hold the rain

Papers cannot hold the rain,
neither will water remain
like cigarette ashes on tray,
Alcohol on your lips wont stay.Neither will I.
But in a corner in me, the sin will lie.
...When they say rules are to be broken,
I say, Cross the lines.
Cause Papers cannot hold the rain.

Sinking sun

 And what rises in the orange skies,is nothing but a sun sinking in the sea.