Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You are.

Broken you are.

And i see a child's toy.
 Black and white,
A soldier with a  breached leg,
Still he holds it close,
every night, he turns to sleep.

lost you are.

And i see a kite,
blue and red,
the string got detached,
Still the kite runner searches.
everyday he crosses that lane.

Damaged you are.

And i see a piece of cloth,
Black and grey,
Full of holes,
Still the poor woman covers herself,
every time the chilly cold bites.

Weak you are.

And i see a brown stick,
Broken from a tree,

Not strong like  steel,
Still the old beggar hold you
to walk down the busy streets.

Alone you are.

And i see a blue ocean,
Away from the world,
People come and leave,
Still it holds islands ,
and shelters a million drops in it.

And you say you are void,
but i find every color in you,
every scar,
so beautiful in you. 
You say damage people are dangerous.
And all i see is a beauty.
A beautiful artist.
hope your dream comes true.

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