Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As you leave.

As you leave.

Stairs, we take.
hoping the floors never end,
we never speak,
like the divided leaves, 
that never makes a noise in the wind,
as they broke apart.

Routes, we change.
The one we take isn't  that long,
nothing seems to be,
I walk slow , slower than 
the footsteps of shadows
and silence, that follows yours,
Everything runs in circles,
but this path doesnt. 

buildings, we see.
Where once i began,
Held your hand and
walked through a home of sand,
Chairs and shapes,
Like games of children,
they never change.
And you are still the same.

And I am the falling stone,
trying to win over gravity,
Like that salt which fights
against the sea.

As you leave, 
and this time passes ,
I try to make the hands 
of the clock meet,
and keep them near
 for more than 
a minute. 


  1. Profound!!

    Manisha... i dont know i think i'll hafta sit down.. and go through shades and footwalks..
    I'm having goosebumps as i read "as i leave". All this is godly and intimidating!!

  2. . this isn't a song for a minute ... it lingers ... it stays ... it haunts ... nothing leaves ... no one leaves ... vacant pauses erupt to remind us how important it is for us to breathe ... despite the din ... despite absences ... despite wordless songs ... you write consuming poetry ... and you shine ...

    - serah

  3. glad by the words all of you leave behind :]

  4. . grateful for the ones you etch ... :) ...

    - s