Monday, August 9, 2010


When the two eyes turn against one another,
Can you see the world still the same?

When Brutus called him a serpent's egg,
Murdered him, who was once a comrade  
Can the history be ever changed?  

Yes, It was love for the Rome,
But the last words "Et tu, Brute?".
 Can they be taken away?

The stabs never killed him, but a broken heart, ripped apart by betrayal .
"then fall Ceaser.."
Can that love be ever again gained?


  1. . oh wow! ... possibly not ... very powerfully expressed ... betrayal is probably the arrow with a poisonous tip ... that knows only its victims ...

  2. yes. the arrow itself is enough to knock a mountain.


    how have you been serah?

  3. . true that! ... maybe i'm the hill that got knocked out ... and i'm still wondering if the arrow knew it had a poisonous tip ... hopefully it was deluded ... and i shall see better days ... thank you for asking ... how've you been, manisha? ... i guess your exams are over and you have some time to yourself ... :) ...

    - serah