Sunday, September 20, 2009


If only I want.

I can leave this shit, and move towards being happy or sad whatever i like.I can turn of this computer and never return back.I can go and tell a sorry without a fault, and i can be angry on people without reasons.I can be silent
like some people are.I can go and surrender myself in the arms of a stranger i never know.I can win all things that people expect me i can't.I can be self centered and live just for me.I can get everything that seems so special to others.I always can.

If only I want.
My pride still believes i can.

 And being the way i am,is something i permit.

No one  ever is  a reason for what your life was or is. its always you who permits.

the problem is.
Even if my pride doesn't permits sometimes, it fails the battle against this insane heart

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