Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I was me

Today you dont pick up my calls, I wish when my bday comes you too remain silent,
or may be forget like the last time.

3 days ago i laughed so much that i had tears in my eyes.And later i cried in a way that i started laughing.

It was midnight, I heard my grandfather calling, to put eyedrops in his eyes.
may be i heard him.no wait, it was him only.Never was I so helpless.

I wore the dress you liked,never mind the dupatta being stained with a tear.

early morning i heard a song, It was my sister, she sings well but for the first time it was soothing to me.

i saw myself again somewhere i don't wish to be,it still runs shivers across me.

Last time the teacher questioned me, I knew the answers.But didn't say.

i hurt my leg the other day, for i tried to kick a big stone unlike other times when i used to take pebbles with me by kicking them along the long roads i used to walk down.

Nothing makes me sad anymore, Am happy. for all this time
i was honest.I was the person i am.And so will i stay.

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