Tuesday, September 22, 2009

can i?

can i take you to a place?

where i shall hold the sun
so that the rays
find a way to
warm your body
and kiss your skin?

can i try getting you when
you say you want to be alone?
hold you close,
to never say a word
and wait watching you,
till your morning comes.

can i give up my forever
to keep you near?
Make a world
of dreams and lullabies
where you dance
just for my eyes to see.

Can i fight,get hurt?
leave with bruises and burns
all alone as a lonely hole
If am asked for a battle
to win or own a part of you?

can you tell me a way
to lock this love?
that grows like a distant song,
like that old wine in a bottle,
breaking away every wall
i build in years.

can you?

My home is wherever you are.

P.S Go, stay away, I dont need you.
i shall kiss you in my dreams and
keep you safe every time.
Can i kiss you tonight
and never wake up again?

I always know am running home 'to you.

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