Thursday, September 24, 2009

blue october

Like stars sleeping in distant skies,

Birds heading back in frosty winters,
these muddy paths i will cross,
with this rain in my shoes.

I carry this smell of blue October
though september has not ended,
I asked for just a shelter from rain,
And you gave me a sun instead.

you take me there to teach,
teache me,
to breathe
as i am bend,
to break into papers
that will never
be cut by a scissor again.

those colors which bleed,
and a yesterday in my fist
you bring back
every lost piece
that were like grains,
each grain,
lost among
thousand secret deserts
hidden in blue oceans,
that island without water,
how did you hold it as it
slipped ?

walking all the way,
among the clowns, never
did a puppet won a joker,
so dont make this house
a home again,
i know am in pain
but dont kiss my wounds
let them grow and heal
let them learn
and not with
an addiction for you

 i keep on trying staying away from you,

then why is it that I cant

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