Friday, September 25, 2009

here and there


on the top of mountains
where your seeds lie,
shall i take you?


I will bring near you
that old house you lived in,
to shade your
withered winter dreams.

in a small corner of me,
where no one goes,
shall I will keep you?


I will bring you close
beside this soul of holes
to let every sorrow of yours
pass thorugh me.

stealing the sunrays,
i will make glass
to form a snow-globe,
that always sings.

shall I bring this earth?
in my hand ,as a white lily,
with Christmas carols,
bells and running melodies.

Breathing away to melt myself
into ice and snow,
shall I give you a forever?


I shall turn myself
into heaven and clouds
where smoke and snow mingle
to sing ,while you dance
with your love.

Among the flowers and bees,
shall i hold the dust
and silence to form
a small wind-chime?


I will grab ocean and sea,
blow each sand to save
every shell or husk
to turn them into a rythm
that never needs the wind.

shall i bleed to strings?
and make these heartbeats
the bells,stones and keys?


i shall turn myself into
that breeze which will echo
through pearls of colors,
and droplets of eventide,
and ring all the chimes
across the world
whenever you blink your eyes.

For my baby.

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