Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Crisscrosses, triangles,

uncountable lines,
i shall keep the devils
and surrender you
the lucky stars,

Like drops from sun,
i will fall,
to glide on your skin
as breathes
i never

like rays from rain,
i will shine,
to wash away my footprints
that will
remind you
i was here.

But dont you leave my hand now
am tired of walking all alone.
I will never let them know
how we travelled beyond horizons,
these secrets, like anthills
will grow
to decay in me,
my angels and demons
will tell you stories
of how i waited for
you for ages,
watching the sun
giving birth to the moon,
but dont you leave my hand now,
am tired of walking all alone.
Am tired.

I have got a friend.

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