Tuesday, October 13, 2009


upon my hands

two angels laid.
like the dreams
on cloudy castles,
flowers turned into buds
to hold
the fragnance
as they slept.

Like a small island
underneath the
roots of a tree,
there lied
a lost ocean,
just like that drop
of tear,
beyond her eyes,
which fell on my hand,
that came like
that bird turning
back to home
in winter.

A single drop
filled the holes
in me,
But why did my angel cry?

I kissed my angels
And my bleeding lips
turned into snow,
like red roses
in milk,
and a drop of tear
made them
like the angels
golden wings.

And then she woke up,
and gave me
a flower :)
that will bloom
in snow,
and will hold
a summer
benathe the

the angels slept
yet dreams
remained with me.

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