Saturday, May 29, 2010


Afraid of heights,
yet i will
built that house
on hills
and fly with
you across
seven seas,
like water falls
from hills,
we shall be.

Afraid of lights,
Of the roaring sky
and thunder,
yet i will
walk among
the puddles
and hold your
hand in
the rain.
like two drops
meets to one.
we shall be.

Afraid of the cold,
The winter's bites,
Yet i will
turn into snow,
will hold that
ice where you
wish to make
a home.
like water held
inside it.
we shall be.

Afraid of water,
of the crashing
yet I will take
you to the blue ocean,
to rivers and seas.
like the waves
begin and end
at the same time.
we shall be.

Afraid of love,
the name that
burns me down,
yet I will
dig it from my
holes and
break down
the walls
for you.
like the word love
that always remain
near or far.
we shall be.

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