Monday, October 8, 2012


today i cried
like a child before her
and she said nothing.

today i ran.
like a house on fire,
and she said nothing.

today,I lost
all love I had,
and she said nothing.

Today ,with a bleeding feet,
I said I want to walk
alone a mile,
And she whispered okay

SIlence is golden,
like the sun.
but the warmth is making
me more cold,
And I need some words today
talk to me lady
of castles,
of princesses,
of love that finds a way.
talk to me lady,
of a hour,
of a day,
of a minute that finds a way.
I know its not easy.
but sell me a lie.
I cannot sleep tonight.
I know its not easy,
but sell me to lie,
I cannot sleep tonight..

tomorrow, yes tomorrow
shall rise,.
or may be i would be gone,
but i dont want her to speak
of yesterdays,
for i know she cares,
and she should never cry,
angels should never cry.

silence is golden
like the sun,
whom and why
should i blame,
if am the one who wears
a sweater in summer,
and weeps about
winter and rain.
tonight I quote aazar
as i sleep,
there is no poetry in being alone,
tonight i think of neruda
as i turn,
I can write the saddest poem of all"

tonight, yes tonight
i will burn again,
like the same old story,
on a rupee i will leave behind
my legacy
a poem and a penny
that's all i leave
and you will hear nothing,
I will say nothing.

today i lost a friend,
the last one i Have,
and she said nothing.

today i cried ,
like a child,
before her
and she said nothing.

_ nisha .

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